Sunday, October 14, 2012


Colors can be manipulated from Online, and will make a big difference in the online magazine, and most webmasters try to match the color scheme of their own web page. The goal is to make the appearance of Online as part of the magazine. This gives the impression that advertising is part of the magazine or website, not some publicity 'clear.
The goal is to be a success with Online and that means getting a lot of clicks on the ads. This means you need to focus on those people who are excited that we have talked about, it is necessary to preserve its interests in the content. If we compare the newsstand magazine we can see that magazines in circulation: better sales with magazine ads. This shift in determining the cost of advertising, and this is the case with the online magazine of your. And more visitors to your web site more likely they will click on your ad, the more money you make!
Online magazine has a great advantage over the magazine paper. How to publish articles on the Internet, you can leave the publication. If not dropped, and posted on the Internet increased in size with the passage of time, and finally, is a place of power. Always flooded site for power with traffic! To mention the obvious, and pages with  AdSense display means the chances of getting ads you will be much larger.
You may want to give people from  AdSense via e-mail if you have questions. AdSense program support team voluntarily post the rules and regulations of the AdSense program. You would do well to study and understand these rules. It has many marketers their AdSense AdSense accounts and money in the account of the page rank of their website. If you think you can cheat the system and cheating in the rules, please do not try. Did you know that one of the Online is that it should be a page on the site's privacy policy your web. Otherwise, you will endanger your site, so make sure that all sites have a page that describes what you do with the information collected.
Internet is like a "large test tubes electronic", which allows people of all backgrounds, shapes and sizes, ages and is worth starting their own business from home and then grow in the specialized structure. Entered YouTube scene and now allows anyone to produce a short film and put it in the middle of that can be seen by millions of people. Now you can be a movie producer. Online opens up many possibilities to create a good income alternative to anyone willing to learn and put in the effort. Why not start an online business your magazine publishing today! All the limits of your home, all you need is your computer and internet connection and screen!

the online

Magazine editors seem to attract all the glory, so why not become one. Is ? One way to look at the program is that  manages and elements in the magazine on your website. I know, and you say that you do not have an online magazine, but this is just a matter of semantics. You have a website?
The concept behind the Online and how it works is very simple. All you have to do is find the page and sign up for a publisher account. View incoming mail comes to an e-mail from , and will probably be accepted, e-mail and will tell you exactly what you need to do to start . In fact opens in the central region that will direct you to the methodology of how to create and configure your ad, so you grab a piece of code to paste on your web site.
If you do not have a website, and a start up, in essence, the magazine will build on the Internet. Fill with the content you care - surfing, fishing, cooking and weddings, corporate, and others want to sell to buyers fans and people are excited about the many topics, find one and start writing on it. There's nothing better than that, any building on the online magazine on the subject of love can make a lot of money.
Where to place ads on your web page is very important, in fact,  is able to show that your ads should be placed. You will find a variety of ad formats that you can use. Online has been around for a 'while and try to do too much, and the size is important, scientists discovered that a large rectangle under the title, but above all a better conversion story. Always need to test these things on your own. Test involves placing ads in different forms in different locations all over your website and then keep track of them to see what you bring more clicks. The more clicks equals more money!

the newspaper

Can online magazine launched easily from almost anyone with a computer and Internet service. A web site is helpful, but it can be sent ezines via e-mail and be brief and simple. Costs are almost non-existent.
If you want to be generous and do not refer to the cover page as real, the player has three pages of content in the first 17 pages of the magazine, or a percentage of 82% to 18% of the content of the ad. Continued on page 41, there are about 14 pages of content about 24 pages, which is happier by 42% to 52% of the content of the ad. Overall, in the first page 41 found 17 pages of content which produces about 40% of the content of the reader and commercials 60%. Of course, if I had the patience, and I have looked at all the pages of the magazine. But he led the quick search  me that a Web site called, which states that the media magazine (Traditional) about 50/50 between advertising and content. Overall, I guarantee my research down and dirty to be somewhere in between relatively accurate. Anecdotal false and do not hesitate to contact me such as turning the pages of the magazine count their ads with the content if your due diligence and subsequent results prove otherwise!
Let's compare my results with magazine online magazine company. I would say that the on-line magazine, which reviews a day by 60% of the content of ads by 40%, which is much better than the paper version of the company, or appreciation. However, and this is an important clarification, when the user selects an item on the Internet to read, and good content. In traditional magazine, it's time a little 'more difficult, and more certainly a long time to find the table of contents and navigation to get to publish the page 41 to read your article. Each of us has a tendency to browse a document, page by page so on the basis of magazines article captures our attention.
It's rare that magazine on paper looks at home. From time to time we get a promotional copy, but our online trend continues to grow. We get the New York Times reported on Sunday if we have wondered how long it will continue to participate in the printed version. We have passed the Boston Globe and the Boston days long delivery magazines. Continue to embrace the Internet and virtual centralized content consumption, which is easier, faster and more environmentally friendly. We seem to recall Yahoo, blogs and online resources much more than now and says: "I read an interesting article in the newspaper.

online publishing

This type of deployment is ideal for some areas such as science and research. And published research and discoveries quickly and widely on the Internet. The magazine also published mainstream names on the line in an attempt to stay in business. Go on the Internet is a natural progression for print publications if they want to stay in the market and be able to compete. Activities and change the design of the image is much faster and easier in the digital production printing with. After making changes to the Internet is possible with electronic magazine publishing.
Advantages of online publishing for the consumer, the speed and ease of access to receive these publications. No need to go to the store and spend some time in the search for desired content. A simple search browser, it opens a lot of suggestions to adapt to search for a specific topic in the magazines. Delivery is not necessary even for many electronic publication, the public can simply read online at this site. If the consumer pays a fee for publication is delivered immediately to your mailbox on the Internet.
Had one drawback to Internet publishing of magazines is that people who do not have access to the Internet and the computer will not be able to review the magazine or receive payment via e-mail. And this can be overcome to some extent by borrowing someone Else's computer or go to the library to read the online magazine.

the online magazine

Could be called the magazine on the Internet, including many of the names, e zine, e-zine, Journal Record, electronic journal, magazine or on the Internet. They are similar to online newspapers, but they have a more traditional magazine format and strict control by publishers or editorial boards for content management and defense of quality standards. Publishers cards or revise any comments for this approvals and accepted for publication on the Internet.
Some traditional print magazines offer their content in the form of magazine on the Internet to expand the distribution of their content. Some of these are free, while others are available in part or all of the player by charging. Magazine can make money online, just like magazines printed by their sister charging for ads. Can run ads, and banner ads, affiliate ads, and payments can be obtained from link directories to advertisers. Buy products that are available in magazines, on the Internet, and this is another good way that will be profitable.
Magazines are produced online in digital form and are displayed on their websites. And can also be distributed via e-mail or mail in the form of a CD or DVD. These are highly competitive with traditional magazines, they do not have expensive production costs on paper and shipping costs. And devote more time to planning and creative materials and production costs are minimal. This could be due to some magazines shut down their printing operations today, because it can not remain cost-competitive with the online magazine.