Sunday, October 14, 2012

the online magazine

Could be called the magazine on the Internet, including many of the names, e zine, e-zine, Journal Record, electronic journal, magazine or on the Internet. They are similar to online newspapers, but they have a more traditional magazine format and strict control by publishers or editorial boards for content management and defense of quality standards. Publishers cards or revise any comments for this approvals and accepted for publication on the Internet.
Some traditional print magazines offer their content in the form of magazine on the Internet to expand the distribution of their content. Some of these are free, while others are available in part or all of the player by charging. Magazine can make money online, just like magazines printed by their sister charging for ads. Can run ads, and banner ads, affiliate ads, and payments can be obtained from link directories to advertisers. Buy products that are available in magazines, on the Internet, and this is another good way that will be profitable.
Magazines are produced online in digital form and are displayed on their websites. And can also be distributed via e-mail or mail in the form of a CD or DVD. These are highly competitive with traditional magazines, they do not have expensive production costs on paper and shipping costs. And devote more time to planning and creative materials and production costs are minimal. This could be due to some magazines shut down their printing operations today, because it can not remain cost-competitive with the online magazine.

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