Sunday, October 14, 2012

the online

Magazine editors seem to attract all the glory, so why not become one. Is ? One way to look at the program is that  manages and elements in the magazine on your website. I know, and you say that you do not have an online magazine, but this is just a matter of semantics. You have a website?
The concept behind the Online and how it works is very simple. All you have to do is find the page and sign up for a publisher account. View incoming mail comes to an e-mail from , and will probably be accepted, e-mail and will tell you exactly what you need to do to start . In fact opens in the central region that will direct you to the methodology of how to create and configure your ad, so you grab a piece of code to paste on your web site.
If you do not have a website, and a start up, in essence, the magazine will build on the Internet. Fill with the content you care - surfing, fishing, cooking and weddings, corporate, and others want to sell to buyers fans and people are excited about the many topics, find one and start writing on it. There's nothing better than that, any building on the online magazine on the subject of love can make a lot of money.
Where to place ads on your web page is very important, in fact,  is able to show that your ads should be placed. You will find a variety of ad formats that you can use. Online has been around for a 'while and try to do too much, and the size is important, scientists discovered that a large rectangle under the title, but above all a better conversion story. Always need to test these things on your own. Test involves placing ads in different forms in different locations all over your website and then keep track of them to see what you bring more clicks. The more clicks equals more money!

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